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Bristol Myers Squibb Medical Science Liaison, Community Oncology- WA, ID, OR, AK in Plainsboro, New Jersey

At Bristol Myers Squibb, we are inspired by a single vision – transforming patients’ lives through science. In oncology, hematology, immunology and cardiovascular disease – and one of the most diverse and promising pipelines in the industry – each of our passionate colleagues contribute to innovations that drive meaningful change. We bring a human touch to every treatment we pioneer. Join us and make a difference.

MSL Community Oncology Profile

Territory: WA, ID, OR, AK

The MSL COMMUNITY ONCOLOGY role embodies our medical mission in becoming a trusted, agile partner who engages in relevant dialogue and delivers timely, high impact data and insights that advance the science or accelerate access, optimize medical practice and drive appropriate adoption of BMS medicines. The MSL COMMUNITY ONCOLOGY role is field-based and it is anticipated that the majority of their time will be spent in the field with external customers.

The MSL COMMUNITY ONCOLOGY serves as the medical resource for external Oncology stakeholders in the community. Their primary responsibility is to communicate scientific and medical information across BMS oncology portfolio. They also support the safe, effective and appropriate use of BMS medicines. The scientific dialogue focuses on scientific/clinical/safety information around disease management and BMS products in a fair and balanced way and may include appropriate clinical value-based discussions. The MSL COMMUNITY ONCOLOGY is a Field Medical employee responsible for validation and support of healthcare providers (oncologists/hematologists/APP/Pharmacists) on our promotional speaker bureau.

External Environment and Customer Focus

  • Developandmaintainrelationshipswithcommunity-based thought leaders,appropriate HCPs, and access stakeholders,within a given geography toanswerspecificclinicaland/orscientific,unsolicited product and adverse event management relatedquestions.MSL COMMUNITY ONCOLOGYswill use variouschannels for interactions (face-to-face, 1:1,orgrouppresentation;virtual/remote,or phone, etc.).

  • Demonstrateproficiencyinusingavailablescientificresourcesand presentations. Effectively presentinformationtoHCPs and be abletorespondtoquestions,ensuring medical accuracy and compliance with local procedures, ethicalandlegalguidelinesanddirectives.Exceptionalpresentationskills.

  • Actively assess the medical andhealthcarelandscapebymeetingwithTLs/HCPstounderstandtheirneedsandexpertise. Continuously update knowledge intreatmentstrategies,products, unmet medicalneeds,clinicaltrials, and scientificactivities.Understandthecompetitivelandscape and actively preparetoaddressinformationalneedsof customers.

  • Collectandprovide meaningful medical insightsbacktothe medical and commercialorganizationstobeactionedon in supportofthe strategy development.

  • Adaptto change inobjectivesand territory withcontinuing focus onTLandinstitutional needs.

  • Demonstrateunderstandingofrelevant Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR) and access:Value Access & Payor (VAP) resourcesasrequired.

Contribute to the Medical Plan

  • Adoptinstitution/medical accountplanningapproachandcontributetocross-functionalinstitution/accountplans.

  • Contributetodevelopmentand delivery ofscientificallymeaningful medical programs/projectsinlinewiththelocalMedicalandFieldMedicalplan.

Provide Medical Support

  • As necessary and appropriate,supporttheinitial and ongoingmedical/scientificarea and productspecifictrainingandprovidekeyscientificupdatestointernalstakeholders(e.g.Commercial,Regulatory,Pharmacovigilance,Legal, HEOR, Value Access & Payment).

  • Providescientificsupportatpromotionalmeetingsbypresentingscientificandclinicaldata,byevaluating speakers and by giving support toBMS-contracted speakers.

  • Participate in assigned Congress activities

Required Experience

  • MD,PharmD,PhD,APP, PA, NPwithexperiencein a specificDiseaseAreaorwith a broadmedicalbackgroundandrelevantpharmaceuticalexperience

Knowledge Desired

  • Diseaseareaknowledge and understandingofscientificpublicationsconsistentwiththerapeuticarea

  • Knowledgeof a scientificorclinicalarea,patienttreatmenttrends,andcompetitivelandscape

  • Knowledgeofrelevant BMS products

  • Knowledgeofclinicaltrialdesignandprocess

  • Knowledgeofthenationalhealthcareand access environment

  • Goodpresentation and languageskills,spoken and written

  • Immuno-Oncology and oncology disease area experience

Experience Desired

  • A minimumof 2 yearsworkingin a clinicalenvironment

  • PriorMSLexperience

  • Abilitytoworkindependentlyand act as a collaborative team player

  • Translatingscientificorclinical data intoanunderstandableandvaluable form to assist HCPstobest serve theirpatients

  • Excellentcommunicationandpresentationskillstopresentscientificand/orclinicaldatatoresearchersorHCPsat a level commensurate with audience

  • Developingpeer-to-peerrelationshipswith TLs, scientists andotherhealthcareprofessionals

  • Abilitytoquicklyandcomprehensivelylearnaboutnewsubjectareasandenvironmentsconsistentwithrole

Behaviors & Leadership Capabilities Desired

  • Demonstrate core BMS behaviors(innovation, speed, accountability,and passion)

  • Practiceprinciplesofintegrityandhonesty

  • Act with anenterprise mindset

  • Practiceauthenticleadershipby cultivating honest relationships, seeking tounderstand blind spots, and staying truetoownvalues and those ofBMS,evenin the face ofchallenge

  • Possess a positiveattitudeand change agility during timesoftransition

  • Demonstrate the growthmindset and is open toinnovation and process improvements

  • Contributeto talent developmentbyprovidingtimelyfeedback,understanding what willenable team success, andmaintaining a strong network

  • Activelyengagein live meetingsandteleconferences

  • Completionof all administrativeaspectsof the job

Essential Qualification

  • Abilitytodrive a company-provided car isanessentialqualificationofthisposition.Candidatesmust be abletodrive a BMS-provided vehicle betweenlocations(oftengreatdistancesapart), and arriveat eachlocation ready and abletoenthusiasticallyandefficientlydemonstrateanappliedknowledgeofpertinent health care industrytrends.Candidatesmust possess a highlevelofethics,integrityandresponsibleandsafedrivinghistory.

  • Travelrequired

Used Acronyms:

APP Advanced Practice Provider FM Field Medical

FMS Field Medical Scientist HCP Health Care Provider

HEOR Health Economics Outcomes Research MSL Medical Science Liaison

PA Physician Assistant NP Nurse Practitioner

TL Thought Leader

Around the world, we are passionate about making an impact on the lives of patients with serious diseases. Empowered to apply our individual talents and diverse perspectives in an inclusive culture, our shared values of passion, innovation, urgency, accountability, inclusion and integrity bring out the highest potential of each of our colleagues.

Bristol Myers Squibb recognizes the importance of balance and flexibility in our work environment. We offer a wide variety of competitive benefits, services and programs that provide our employees with the resources to pursue their goals, both at work and in their personal lives.

Our company is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities can excel through a transparent recruitment process, reasonable workplace adjustments and ongoing support in their roles. Applicants can request an approval of accommodation prior to accepting a job offer. If you require reasonable accommodation in completing this application, or any part of the recruitment process direct your inquiries to Visit to access our complete Equal Employment Opportunity statement.

Company: Bristol Myers Squibb

Req Number: R1542074

Updated: 2021-06-16 02:12:05.188 UTC

Location: Plainsboro,New Jersey

Bristol Myers Squibb is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, protected veteran status, pregnancy, citizenship, marital status, gender expression, genetic information, political affiliation, or any other characteristic protected by law.