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Louisiana Department of State Civil Service ELECTRICIAN SPECIALIST FOREMAN in United States


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$3,238.00 - $5,807.00 Monthly


Baton Rouge, LA

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DOTD-Engineering & Operations

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6/27/2021 11:59 PM Central

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Section 45 - Engineering Operations





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The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is an equal employment opportunity employer and serves as a model employer for individuals with disabilities. DOTD does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, disability, age, or pregnancy, and prohibits harassment of any type.

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David Worsham

Engineer 4




Four years of experience in the electrical trade, two years of which must have been working with specialized systems such as high-voltage distribution lines, power plants, or heavy, high-voltage mechanical or industrial equipment, or with electrical or electronic systems such as traffic signals.


Training in the electrical trade will substitute for a maximum of two years of the required general experience on a month for month basis.

Job Concepts

Function of Work:

To oversee and supervise the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems primarily over 660 volts, and to coordinate activities of Bridge Maintenance Electrical Specialist, distribution and Power Plant Specialist, Marine Electrical Specialist, and the Signal Light Electrical Specialist.

Level of Work:


Supervision Received:

Broad review from a Facility Maintenance Director, District Engineer, Marine Maintenance Superintendent 1, or other higher level supervisor, manager, or administrative official.

Supervision Exercised:

Line over a staff of Electrician Specialist, and Electrician Specialist Leaders.

Location of Work:

May be used by all State agencies.

Job Distinctions:

Differs from Electrician Specialist Leader by the requirement to exercise full supervisory responsibilities.

Differs from Electrician Foreman by emphasis on maintenance, repairs and installation of electrical systems primarily 660 volts and higher, and pertaining to complex and technical activities at a power plant, electrically operated bridge, signal light, and marine electrical operations.

Examples of Work

Assigns and inspects the work of journeyman Electricians, Leaders, Electrician Specialists, and Electrician Specialist Leaders.

Makes inspections to determine the need for repairs and to estimate cost of repairs.

Requisitions materials.

Updates and files cost and time records for all projects.

Approves leave.

Evaluates subordinate's work performance. Initiates and implements training programs for subordinates.

Conducts in-service training for subordinates.


Supervises entire electrical maintenance on movable and stationary bridges.

Oversees the installation of electrical equipment such as motors, starters, relays, panel boxes, switches, and coils for single and three phase systems.

Supervises the installation of different types of voltage transformers and may be required to adjust voltage of agency owned transformers.

Supervises the maintenance and repairs of bridge hydraulic systems such as pumps, cylinders, hoses, filters, control valves.

Supervises the maintenance and repair of grid couplings, locks, wedges, and barriers on movable bridges.

Oversees the maintenance of electrical distribution system over 600 volts at the district headquarters compound.


Oversees a majority of duties on systems/equipment at and above 660 volts: and primary distribution lines of 1450 volts and above.

Oversees the installation of high voltage transformers.

Supervises splicing and insulation of high voltage under ground and overhead cables of 1,400 volts and above.

Oversees subordinates who locate and correct problems on high and low voltage lines by using insulation meggers, oscillators, or tone detectors to locate faults in under ground cables.

Uses phasing sticks on phase rotation meters to check out rotation of cables before switching into the circuits.

Troubleshoots, repairs, and installs electrical meters, starters, and related switch gear and controls.

Oversees installations, tests, repairs, and maintains generators, transformers, converters, regulators, switches, circuit breakers, recording instruments, control systems, and other circuit systems.

Supervises the dismantling, repairing and assembling of generators, synchronous motors, motor generators, and rotary converters.

Installs, alters, and replaces generation and distribution equipment in power plants, substations, transformer vaults, or distribution centers. Cleans, adjusts, and repairs electrical equipment such as air and oil circuit breakers and remotely controlled telemetering equipment.

Draws, interprets, updates, and files electrical blueprints.

Provides guidance to private contractors on circuitry layout of building and facilities.

Directs and trains helpers and may supervise other electricians or maintenance personnel on a functional basis.


Supervises the performance of advanced Journeyman level in the installation and maintenance of marine electrical systems and related equipment.

Supervises installation and repairs of marine distribution cables.

Oversees the dismantling, repairing and assembling of generators, synchronous motors, and marine motor generators and may overhaul marine generators on marine vessel electrical power plant systems.

Supervises the installation, tests, repairs, and maintenance of marine vessel generators, transformers, converters, regulators, switches, circuit breakers, recording instruments, control systems, and other circuit systems.

Supervises the installation and repairs of rigid electrical conduits, pulling in conductors, assembling buss bars, phasing out and converting conductors, splicing cables, and sealing connectors.

Oversees the Trouble shooting of distribution circuits and generating and controlling equipment to locate and correct the causes of outages and improper operation.

Supervises repairing electrical auxiliary equipment in boosters and engine rooms, filtering and changing transformer oil, and checking conditions of insulators, oil circuit breakers and related equipment.

Oversees the checking and truing commutators and slip rings of rotary equipment while turning in their bearings, using dressing stones, under cutters, and grinders.

Supervises installation, alteration, maintenance, and repairs of electrical systems such as electrical motor for generator pumps, lighting systems, and other electrical fixtures and equipment.

Supervises repairs, maintenance and alteration to electrical systems of movable bridges; repairing limit switches, plunger switches, electrical drive motors, transformers, conduits hydraulic pump motors, and troubleshoots all electrical systems.


Supervises the installation, alteration, maintenance, and repairs of traffic signals, controllers, and traffic loops.

Oversees repairs of overhead lights at rest areas, weigh stations, and highway units.

Supervises the installation of new traffic signal lights and flashing beacons.

Oversees erection of new poles and transfers interconnect and other cables, spans, and controllers to new poles.

Supervises erection of free standing electronic traffic controllers at roadway intersections and fabricates signal lights.

Inspects signal cables and replaces signal heads.


Louisiana State Government represents a wide variety of career options and offers an outstanding opportunity to "make a difference" through public service. With an array of career opportunities in every major metropolitan center and in many rural areas, state employment provides an outstanding option to begin or continue your career. As a state employee, you will earn competitive pay, choose from a variety of benefits and have access to a great professional development program.

Flexible Working Arrangements – The flexibility of our system allows agencies to implement flexible working arrangements through the use of alternative work schedules, telecommuting and other flexibilities. These arrangements vary between hiring agencies.

Professional Development - The Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP) is the state-funded training program for state employees. Through CPTP, agencies are offered management development and supervisory training, and general application classes on topics as diverse as writing skills and computer software usage.

Insurance Coverage – Employees can choose one of several health insurance programs ranging from an HMO to the State's own Group Benefits Insurance program. The State of Louisiana pays a portion of the cost for group health and life insurance. Dental and vision coverage are also available. More information can be found at ( .

Deferred Compensation – As a supplemental retirement savings plan for employees, the State offers a Deferred Compensation Plan for tax deferred savings.

Holidays and Leave – State employees receive the following paid holidays each year: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Mardi Gras, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Additional holidays may be proclaimed by the Governor. State employees earn sick and annual leave which can be accumulated and saved for future use. Your accrual rate increases as your years of service increase.

Retirement – State of Louisiana employees are eligible to participate in various retirement systems (based on the type of appointment and agency for which an employee works). These retirement systems provide retirement allowances and other benefits for state officers and employees and their beneficiaries. State retirement systems may include (but are not limited to): Louisiana State Employees Retirement System (, Teacher's Retirement System of Louisiana (, Louisiana School Employees' Retirement System (, among others. LASERS has provided this video ( to give you more detailed information about their system.


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State of Louisiana


For agency contact information, please refer to the supplemental information above. Louisiana State Civil Service, Louisiana, 70802


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